In the winter of 2015-16, Nashville Rowing recognized that one of the best ways to expand the footprint of our sport in Nashville and Middle Tennessee was to host an erg race, since many people's first experience with our dynamic movement is through erging. Also, an erg race fit beautifully within the Music City Racing Series concept - one Fall (head) race, one Winter race (erg), and one Spring (sprint) race.

As the race goes, we are excited to see both new faces and returning friends looking to tap into another year's worth of improvement! Even if this is your first foray into rowing and racing, we would love to have have you! 

When and Where? [UPDATED!]

The 2019 Music City Erg Sprints will be on Saturday February 23rd with doors and registration opening at 7 AM for athletes to begin arriving, and finishing around 3 PM. This year’s race will be at St. Cecilia Academy’s Gym. Here is the 2018 Regatta Information Packet with more information:

2019 Regatta Information Packet


The erg races will be 2000m races in flights depending on the amount of entries in events, with 1000m races for Middle School Athletes. There will be a warm-up/cool-down erg area for athletes.

How do I register? 

If you are registering a Group from a gym or Team, please fill out and email this form to cory.sanderson@nashvillerowing.org:

2019 Regatta Team Registration Form

If you are registering yourself individually please fill out this form:

2019 Regatta Individual Registration Form