2018: Masters Sprint Season

This Sprint Season saw our Masters team find success on all stages, from local to international. With a lot of hard work put in over the Fall and Winter it is always exciting to leave the Spring Season with some hardware!

The team began the season with a solid showing at The Dogwood Masters Regatta in Oak Ridge, TNwhere they earned 8 GOLD, 3 SILVER AND 5 BRONZE medals, a solid start to the Spring Season! The Masters took to the water for another month of training leading up to US Rowing’s Southeast Masters Championships on June 23-24, 2018 in Augusta, Georgia. The regatta proved to be a fitting culmination of months of hard speed work on the erg during Winter Training and on the lake during the Spring Season. Nashville’s Masters arrived in Augusta with a full squad that was motivated and prepared to compete with the Southeast’s finest Masters crews. As a group, Nashville’s Masters had previously committed to the goal of chasing the team points trophy at the regatta. The racing action was intense with numerous entries across all boats and categories. Typical summer heat, humidity and the occasional alligator sighting added further drama to the weekend, as Nashville delivered on its promise with a medal haul consisting of 15 GOLD, 6 SILVER and 5 BRONZE MEDALS to outpace all competitors and claim the first ever Points Trophy for Nashville Rowing Masters.

BUT WAIT! NOT DONE YET..Dietmar Kuttlewascher attended the Royal Canadian Henley in St. Catherine's Canada and came home with a GOLD medal in his Men's Masters 1x for the second consecutive year.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. a group of Masters headed to FISA-MASTERS  WORLDS in Sarasota and brought home GOLD for Dietmar Kuttelwascher, Will Weaver and Lizabeth Theiss.. There were many second place finishes to be proud of! A VERY SUCCESSFUL SEASON FOR ALL!

2018: Athletes Signed to Row in College

An exciting part of every year is seeing our graduation seniors move on to their next step as they sign to row in college. Below are this year’s graduation seniors that have decided to continue rowing and earned spots and great programs across the country!

Shelby Larkin: Oregon State

Marguerite Trost University of Washington

AnnaRuth Neville Oregon State

Grace Laster United States Naval Academy 

Lila Caton University of Massachusetts

Grant Miller Stetson University

Max Greer Loyola University Maryland

Best of luck to our 2018 graduating class as they move on to start their college rowing careers!

2018: Juniors Spring Season Recap

After a long Winter Season, many pounds of weight moved, and thousands of meters erged the Juniors were ready to hit the water and start racing.

 Cincinnati Youth Invite

Returning for a second year to Cincinnati the team was ready to take on some fast Midwest competition in hopes of getting a taste for who they might see later in the season. Bad weather, and results issues didn't deter our crews from jump-starting the season with some strong racing. Form many of our new and young rowers and coxswains, this was their first sprint race ever. Even with the schedule speed bumps, the athletes handled the day well and set a baseline for their work going forward!

  • Men’s Varsity 4+: 7th

  • Women's Varsity 4+: 5th and 7th

  • Women's Varsity 8+: 2nd

  • Men's Varsity 8+: 4th in the Petite Final..

Dogwood Juniors - Oak Ridge TN

Next up the team traveled to Oak Ridge, TN for the Dogwood Regatta with a much increased Club entry count with a number of teams for the Midwest joining the pack. This was the teams first taste of a full progression regatta for the Spring Season with time trials, semi finals, and finals over the course of 2 days. This regatta gave us a good look at what we needed to focus on over the coming weeks for Southeast Regionals in Sarasota.

  • Men's Junior 4+: 5th

  • Men's Junior 2nd 4+: 2nd

  • Men’s Junior 2nd 4+ B: 4th in Semi Final

  • Women's 8+: 1st

  • Women's Junior 4+: 1st in B Final

  • Women's Junior 2-: 5th

  • Women's U17 4+: 2nd

  • Women’s U17 4+ B: 6th in Semi Final

For official results look HERE

Southeast Youth Regional Championships

The team boarded the plane for Southeast Regionals ready to hit Sarasota in hopes of qualifying boats forward to Youth Nationals in California. With one full progression regatta under their belts, the team showed up to the course ready to improve on Dogwood.

Saturday proved to be an exciting day for time trials and semis, with all 7 boats advancing to Finals on Sunday. Sunday saw some of the most exciting racing we have seen yet at Regionals. With several tight 4th place finishes, the Men’s 4+, Women’s 4+ and Women’s U17 4+ saw themselves just outside the medal stand. The top 3 finishers in the Women’s 8+ Final were all within 1 second of each other in a barn burner of a finish to qualify for Nationals. Additionally the Men’s Youth 2- surged into the Silver Medal spot as they crossed the 1k mark to not only earn a medal at Regionals, but be the first men’s boat to qualify for Youth Nationals for Nashville Rowing.

  • Women's Youth 2-: 7th

  • Men's Youth 2-: 2nd (Qualified for Youth Nationals)

  • Women's Youth 4+: 4th

  • Men's Youth 4+: 4th

  • Women's Youth 8+: 3rd (Qualified for Youth Nationals)

  • Men's Youth 2nd 4+: 2nd

  • Women's U17 4+: 4th

For official results see HERE

On to training for Youth Nationals. Go Nashville!

USRowing Youth National Championships- Lake Natoma Sacramento, CA

The Women’s 8+ and Men’s 2- Both spent the 3 weeks between Regionals and leaving for California putting in lots of hard work with the goal of building on their performances in Sarasota as they were set to hit the National Stage.

Racing started on Friday with both boats in Time Trials. With this familiar format, both the 2- and 8+ placed themselves in the middle of pack with both boats getting 14th and moving on to a second Repechage race that afternoon. The Men’s 2- narrowly missed the Semi Finals getting 4th in their Rep with a time of 7:46.2 (which would have advanced them in the second Rep). In a very competitive race where they needed to get 1st to advance to Semis, the Women’s 8+ placed second in the Repechage and would advance to the C final as well.

Saturday racing was equally as exciting, with both the 2- and 8+ racing in the C final in the afternoon. In big sprint the Men’s 2- had their course impeded in the final strokes of the race enough that the Referees awarded them 1st in the C final, earning them 13th in the Country! The Women’s 8+ attacked their race and outpaced Sarasota who had previously beaten them at Regionals to earn 2nd place in the C Final and 14th overall in the country.

  • Men's Youth 2-: 1st in C Final (13th in the country)

  • Women's Youth 8+: 2nd in C Final (14th in the country) 

For Saturday results see HERE

2018: Winter Season Part Deux

Both Junior and Masters hit the ergs and weights to build the foundation for a strong spring season. Even Winter training has opportunities for competition and our teams began the year on a high note.

Music City Erg Sprints

This was our third year hosting the event,with rowers competing in the junior and masters categories from Nashville to East Tennessee. With entries from local gyms like IronTribes, Orange Theory and Crossfit we were able to host the most entries we have had to date. It's always great to get new outside competition!

For official results look HERE

C.R.A.S.H- B sprints - Boston MA

Competing against some of the best from around the US, a small group of Juniors athletes headed to Boston to represent Nashville Rowing. All four ladies finished in the top 15 of their respective events, and made made us all proud as they sported their blue and yellow up north!

Marguerite Trost -  1st place Junior LW Women - earning the prestigious Hammer Trophy!

Grace DeNunzio - 11th Junior LW Women

Grace Lebo- 13th Junior Women

Millie Oldham - 14th Junior Women

For official results, look HERE

With everyone itching to get back on the water, we are that much more excited for Spring season to get here.

February 2018: Hard Training and Erg Racing Part 1

Winter Season can seem like a long season with the sun setting at 4:30 and the prospect of thousands of erg meters ahead. For the athletes at Nashville Rowing, this winter season has seen growth in numbers, strength and mental toughness on many fronts! Masters Winter Training League had it's largest enrollment to date, and found more speed across the board with lots of PRs!

On the Juniors side, it is always exciting to pick up a few new faces through the winter, and especially to see the light bulb moment when things start to click on the erg and in the boat for the first time. Aside from training, there is always the fun piece of heading to our yearly indoor erg races, and lining up next to people besides our teammates for some hard work.

Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

Saturday, February 3rd. Our largest contingent yet traveled down to UTC in Chattanooga for our first erg race of 2018. The morning started off with our Open and Masters events, with athletes ranging from the Never-Evers up to our more seasoned veterans. 

Women's Open

Gracie Larkin: 2nd Place
Neva Duckworth: 3rd Place

Never Ever Women

Jenny Elrod: 1st Place
Anna West-Hammer: 2nd Place
Amanda Venable: 3rd Place
LaVon Orput: 5th Place
Bet Wise: 6th Place

Womens Masters 23+

Emy Noel: 3rd Place
Laura Miller: 5th Place
Eco Bolds: 6th Place

Mens Masters 23+

Sean Wlodarczyk: 3rd Place
Josh Herring: 7th Place
Case White: 8th Place

Women's Veteran 40+

Jenn Cheij: 2nd Place
Jan Duckworth: 3rd Place
Meg Mazzone: 8th Place
Susie Ryan: 10th Place

Mens Veteran 40+

Steve Grant: 4th Place
Henry Trost: 7th Place

Masters Team Relay

Nashville Rowing: 1st

  Following the strong performances by the Masters, our Juniors athletes were out in force for the afternoon racing. For some this was their first 2k ever, and for others this was 4 years or more of racing at this event as a Junior coming to a close. This is also a first chance for many of the parents to get up close and see the work that their athletes have put in, and the limits they are willing to push themselves too in pursuit of their goals!

Women's U19

Shelby Larkin: 2nd Place
Mille Oldham: 5th Place
Ella Varney: 16th Place
Emily Hollins: 17th Place
Lena McCaslin: 18th Place

Men's U19

Lucas Quinby: 2nd Place
Grant Miller: 3rd Place
Max Greer: 5th Place
Chase Yarbrough: 15th Place
Noah Croy: 17th Place

Womens U17

Grace Lebo: 1st Place
Sofia Sperduto: 5th Place
Riley Yarbrough: 7th Place
Jessie Wills: 12th Place
Braden Glenn: 20th Place
Brooke McCarty: 24th Place
Andrea Arguello: 28th Place
Lucy Beard: 29th Place
Anna Quinby: 34th Place

Mens U17

Clint Regen: 1st Place
David Brantley: 3rd Place
Abraham Cheij: 6th Place
Connor Mackey: 13th Place
Ethan Herrell: 14th Place
Sidney Miller: 17th Place
Jonathan Lippolis: 19th Place

Women's Youth Lightweight

Marguerite Trost: 1st Place
Grace DeNunzio: 2nd Place
Emma Rudy Srebnik: 6th Place
Claire Sotak: 12th Place
Brooke Bercik: 21st Place

Mens Youth Lightweight

Fernando Arguello: 8th Place

Womens U15

Maia Roark: 7th Place

Women's Youth Coxswain

Halle Collins: 1st Place
AnnaRuth Neville: 2nd Place
Emily Wood: 7th Place

Mens Youth Coxswain

Jerod Fetters: 1st Place

Middle School Women

Mary Virginia: 2nd Place
Riley McDaniel: 5th Place
Augusta Miller: 7th Place
Ella Hill Crouch: 8th Place
Laura Zimmerman: 9th Place
Conway Bettis: 11th Place
Anna Huber: 12th Place
Rowan Walker: 13th Place

Middle School Men

Ben Regen: 1st Place
Larson Seem: 3rd Place
Louis Chader: 4th Place
Spencer Klassen: 5th Place
Jonathan Quinby 7th Place
Neel Davis: 8th Place
William Wicks: 9th Place
Cade Owens: 10th Place
Matthew Brantley: 11th Place
Robert Ford: 12th Place

Men's Youth 500m Dash

Abraham Cheij: 4th Place
Chase Yarbrough: 12th Place
Connor Mackey: 16th Place

Youth Team Relay

Nashville Rowing: 3rd Place


Club Team Points Trophy

Nashville Rowing: 1st Place

Youth Team Points Trophy

Nashville Rowing: 1st Place

For Official Results Click HERE



2017: Head of the Hooch Caps Off Fall Season

November 4th + 5th: The last race of the Fall pitted Nashville Rowing against even more stiff competition from in and around our region. Held in our backyard of Chattanooga, TN, we had a full trailer of boats and sought to close out the Fall season on a high note.

    Nashville Rowing came prepared on Saturday but were put under an hour and a half fog delay which threw off racing the remainder of the day. We held strong and persevered despite the difficult racing conditions brought forth by the delay and still had a successful day of racing. Some notable results from Saturday’s racing were the Women’s Youth 4+ winning gold, the Women’s Youth 8+ finishing 7th, the Men’s Youth 2x finishing 7th and the Women’s Masters 8+ placing 6th.

   Sunday featured more quality racing which started on time without a hitch. Most of the Juniors broke down into smaller boats and capped off the day and weekend with a race down the course in Mixed Boys and Girls 8+’s. Notable results from Sunday racing are the Women’s Youth 2- finishing with a gold medal, the Men’s Masters 1x winning silver, and our College/Club Novice 1x finishing 3rd.


Men’s Youth 4+

Nashville A - 10th

Nashville B - 56th


Women’s Youth 8+

Nashville A - 7th

Nashville B - 26th


Men’s Youth 8+

Nashville A - 54th


Women’s Youth Novice 8+

Nashville A - 14th


Women’s Youth 4+

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville C - 19th

Nashville B - 21st

Nashville D - 43rd

Nashville E - 71st


Men’s Youth 2x

Nashville A - 7th


Men’s Youth 4x

Nashville A - 36th


Men’s Youth 2-

Nashville - 16th


Women’s Youth 2-

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville B - 9th


Women’s College & Club Novice 1x

Nashville - 3rd


Mixed Youth 8+

Nashville A - 6th

Nashville B - 8th


Women’s Championship 1x

Nashville - 9th



Men’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 12th

Nashville B - 13th


Women’s Masters 8+

Nashville A - 6th

Nashville B - 19th


Mixed Masters 2x

Rocket City/Nashville Composite - 5th

Nashville - 18th


Women’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 10th

Nashville B - 21st


Mixed Masters 4x

Nashville A - 10th


Women’s Masters 4x

Nashville - 22nd


Men’s Masters 1x

Nashville - 2nd


Results for our teams are below. Full Results can be found HERE on HereNow. For additional photos, visit Row2k's Photo Gallery under the Head of the Hooch.

2017: Head of the Charles: Best Weather and Showing Yet!

Nashville took off to the Head of the Charles in Boston, MA for the largest 2-day regatta in the world to showcase the hard work put in throughout the Fall season and stack up against some of the countries fastest programs. Nashville Rowing was represented by 4 boats. On Saturday, the Master’s would seek an automatic qualifying bid in the Men’s Grandmaster 1x, Women’s Senior 8+ and Men’s Senior 4+ categories. On Sunday, the Women’s Youth 8+ would look to improve on their 15th place finish from a year ago.

Rowing conditions were perfect all weekend which allowed for fast racing and several course records. Dietmar Kuttelwascher was the first race of the day which saw a 21st place finish out of 51 total entries and a guaranteed bid for next years Head of the Charles. Next, the Women’s Senior 8+ had a great race but fell just short of their automatic bid with a finish of 23rd out of 36 boats. The Men’s Senior 4+ closed out racing for Nashville on Saturday with a 34th place finish out of 43 boats. While these two Master’s boats were disappointed by not placing in the top half of their respective categories, both feel that they raced their race and they have identified areas to improve through the rest of the Fall and into the Spring racing season. If nothing else, they are geared up, ready to go, and will look to bring their talents back again next year.

Sunday started early for the Women’s Youth 8+. In their normal pre-race routine, there was a certain air of confidence surrounding the girls as they prepared to launch. Crossing through Eliot Bridge, they were on fire and crossed in 10th place with a time of 17:00 minutes out of 85 entries. This was by far the best result of any Nashville boat in the most prestigious fall race in the United States and certainly set the stage for a competitive Spring season.

Not only did our current rowers see great success this weekend, but we also had 5 Nashville Rowing alumni earn medals. Rosemary Kyne [‘13, Bates] and Michele Holtkamp [’15, Stanford] both earned gold medals and set two course records and James Kyne [‘15, Virginia], Ellie Loving [‘17, Tennessee], and Jess Mixon [‘17, Penn] all took home bronze. Isabel Grant [‘17, UMass] was also there representing Nashville in the UMass Women’s Championship 4+.

All in all, it was a great weekend of racing for the Nashville Rowing family and having a chance to share the experience with current and former rowers truly shows the bond shared among the Nashville Rowing family.

Full Results can be found HERE on HereNow. For additional photos, visit Row2k Photo Gallery - Men's Grand Master 1x, Row2k Photo Gallery - Women's Senior Master's 8+, Row2k Photo Gallery - Men's Senior Master's 4+, Row2k Photo Gallery- Women's Youth 8+ [1] and Row2k Photo Gallery - Women's Youth 8+ [2].

2017: Chattanooga Head Race

Chattanooga Head Race

On the second weekend of racing, Nashville Rowing trailered to Chattanooga, TN for the next race of our Scholastic and Fall racing season. Chattanooga will host the Head of the Hooch in just a few weeks and this race was good practice for all of the athletes to race down the same course while building on the success from Music City Head Race.

Nashville Juniors and Masters teams took to the Chattanooga River where all of our athletes handled quick turnover on short rest between races and hot seating very well while continuing our consistent improvement across the board for all of our teams.

Next week, we send 3 boats to the Head of the Charles in Boston for the largest 2-day regatta in the world.


Women’s Youth 8+
Harpeth Hall – 3rd
Nashville – 5th

Men’s Youth 4+
Nashville A – 4th
Nashville B – 14th

Women’s Youth Novice 4+
Nashville – 2nd
Harpeth Hall - 8th

Men’s Youth 8+
Nashville - 13th

Men’s Youth 2x
Nashville A – 1st
Nashville B – 6th

Women’s Youth 4+
Harpeth Hall – 2nd
Nashville A – 3rd
Nashville B- 15th

Women’s Youth Novice 8+
Nashville – 1st

Men’s Youth 4x
Nashville – 7th

Women’s Youth 2-
Harpeth Hall A - 3rd
Harpeth Hall B – 6th

Women’s Youth 4x
Harpeth Hall - 8th

Women’s Champ 1x
Nashville – 1st


Women’s Masters 8+

Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 4th

Men’s Masters 4+
Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 3rd

Men’s Masters 4x
Nashville - 1st

Women’s Masters 4x
Nashville - 3rd

Women’s Masters 4+
Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 3rd

Results for our teams are below. Full Results can be found HERE on Row2k. For additional photos, visit Row2k Photo Gallery (1), Row2k Photo Gallery (2), Row2k Photo Gallery (3) and Row2k Photo Gallery (4)

2017: 2nd Annual Music City Head Race!


October 7th, 2017: Nashville Rowing kicked off the Fall season with our very own 2nd Annual Music City Head Race hosted in conjunction with Vanderbilt Rowing Club. Middle School, High School, Collegiate and Masters rowers alike took to the Cumberland River where we had fantastic conditions which ceded some great racing for all 278 entries across the 30 teams participating. With few better racing venues, spectators filled the Nissan Stadium parking lots and Cumberland Park to cheer on their favorite athletes with the backdrop of Downtown Nashville. Thank you to all volunteers, spectators, athletes and coaches for helping make this Music City Head Race the best yet. We are already looking forward to next years!

Our whole Nashville Rowing Family performed well in the first race of the Fall, and you can find results for our teams below.


Women’s Youth 8+
Nashville– 2nd
HH – 3rd

Men’s Youth 4+
Nashville A - 5th
Nashville B – 8th

Women’s Youth Novice 4+
Nashville B – 1st
Nashville A – 2nd
HH – 3rd

Men’s Youth 2-
Nashville – 4th  

Men’s Youth 8+
Nashville 8th

Women’s Youth 4x
HH – 6th

Women’s Youth 4+
Nashville – 2nd
HH – 5th
Nashville – 7th

Women’s Youth 2-
Harpeth Hall A – 1st
Nashville A – 2nd
Harpeth Hall B – 6th
Nashville B – 7th

Men’s Youth 2x
Nashville – 1st  

Women’s Open 1x

Nashville - 3rd


Men’s Masters 4x

Nashville - 1st

Women’s Masters 8+

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville B - 2nd

Mixed Masters 2x

Nashville/Rocket City Composite - 1st

Men’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville B - 2nd

Women’s Masters 4x

Nashville - 1st

Women’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville B - 3rd

Men’s Masters 1x

Nashville - 1st

Full Results can be found HERE on Row2k. For additional photos, visit Row2k Photo Gallery (AM Racing) and Row2k Photo Gallery (PM Racing) See you next year for more racing on the Cumberland.

2017: USRowing Masters Nationals

Nashville Rowing’s Competitive masters were well represented at this year’s USRowing Master’s National Championship, held just down Interstate-40 in Oak Ridge, TN. With around 1,500 entries in 202 categories, many races were hotly contested and athletes put their training to the test against peers from all over the nation. Nashville’s 16 entries, marked the largest contingent that our club has ever been represented by at the National Championship Regatta!

Beginning the four-day event Thursday morning was the Mixed D 2x, Nashville’s Lizabeth Theiss and her doubles partner James Robinson (Rocket City Rowing Club) raced to 4th in their heat, the Mixed F 2x, Don Sullivan and Kren Teren, followed with an afternoon final finishing 6th. Dietmar Kuttelwascher, fresh off his dominant performances at SE Regionals and the Canadian Henley Regatta, won his final in the Men’s Open D 1x, bringing home Nashville’s first gold of the weekend.

Friday morning kicked off with heats for the women’s sculling entries. The Open B 2x, Rachel Rock-Blake and Amie Thurber, raced a solid heat to qualify for the afternoon’s final, while Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick, Dawn Foster, Lisa Delaney and Maggie Davidson made a strong trip down the course but ultimately just missed qualifying for the final for the Club E 4x. The Men’s Club C 4+, Kuttelwascher, Will Weaver, Steve Grant, Sean Wlodarczyk, with coxswain Chris Calico, placed third in their heat to advance to the final, and Kuttelwascher quickly turned around to race to second place in the heat for the Open C 1x, to secure another trip down the course for afternoon racing.

Starting off Friday’s finals, Rock-Blake and Thurber just missed the podium, but out-sprinted the competition from the Texas Rowing Center to claim 4th place by a mere half-second, followed by the gentlemen from the Club C 4+ who raced to 6th place, and Kuttelwascher, who claimed the bronze medal in the Open C 1x. In finals-only events, Kren Teren earned the silver medal (challenging for gold with an impressive sprint!) in the Women’s G Lightweight 1x, and the 4x of Mark Ragland, Dennis Sperazza, Steve Patrick and Don Sullivan placed 5th in the Open G category.

Saturday morning saw heats for the Women’s Open C 1x, Men’s Open G 1x, and Women’s Club 8+. Theiss raced to 6th in her single, and Sperazza qualified for his final with a second place showing. In one of the most exciting finishes of the morning, the Women’s Club 8+ of Foster, Tina Hartert, Jenn Cheij, Rock-Blake, Angela Boatman, Emy Noel, Katherine Denney, and Delaney, coxed by Laura Miller, executed an excellent performance for 3rd place in the heat but just missed qualifying for the final. In afternoon racing, Sperazza raced to a solid 6th place in his final, while Kren Teren and doubles partner Nancy Schay (Atomic Rowing), won the Women’s Lightweight G-J 2x event.

Sunday’s racing began with the Atomic-Nashville composite entry of Kathy O’Gorman (Atomic Rowing), Schay, Teren, and Theiss, who qualified for the final with a second-place performance in their heat of the Women’s Open E 4x, and later raced to fourth place. They were followed by the Club B 4+ of Kuttelwascher, Weaver, Wlodarczyk, and Josh Herring, coxed by Calico, who raced to 6th in their heat. Concluding Nashville’s racing for the weekend was the Men’s F-G 4x, where Ragland, Sperazza, Patrick and Sullivan raced to 2nd place in the G category.

At the end of the weekend, Nashville’s masters finished 33/47 in the combined team points trophy, with the women earning 40th/58, and the men earning 29th/70. There was great racing all around and all participants left the event hungry for fall rowing!

2017: USRowing Southeast Youth Championships

USRowing Southeast Regional Championships: Gainesville, GA

   Thursday May 11th, the athletes boarded the bus at Hamilton Creek Marina to travel to Lake Lanier at the 1996 Olympic race race course for the 2017 Southeast Regionals. This regatta marks the end of the regular spring season, while also offering the chance to qualify boats for Youth Nationals in June by getting top 3 in select events. Friday gave the athletes a chance to get a practice on the course, shake off some of the bus legs, and get in the mindset to show up Saturday morning ready to race. 

   Saturday was the start of racing, with any Nationals eligible events racing time trials (mirroring the structure of Youth Nationals) and others racing in heats to decide their progression forward. Below are the events that Nashville was entered in, as well as their how they progressed out of Saturday's preliminary racing!

Men's Youth 2x: 6th in Time Trial (Top 14 to Semi Finals)

Women's Youth 2-: 4th in Time Trial (Top 7 to Finals)

Women's Youth 4+: 3rd in Time Trial (Top 14 to Semi Finals)

Men's Youth 4+: 9th in Time Trial (Top 14 to Semi Finals) 

Women's Youth Lightweight 4+: 6th in Time Trial (Top 7 to Finals)

Women's Youth 8+: 1st in Time Trial (Top 7 to Finals)

Women's U17 8+: 2nd in Heat (Top 2 to Finals)

Women's Youth 2nd 4+: 1st in Heat (Top 3 to Finals)

Women's U17 4+: 4th in Heat (Top 2 to Finals)

Men's U17 4+: 2nd in Heat (Top 2 to Finals)

   All the boat's that progressed directly to finals were finished racing for the day and were able to head back to the hotel to rest. After a bit of rest and recovery, the following boats returned to the course for Semi Finals racing. With some tight races for the advancing spots, the afternoon made for exciting spectating and hard fought battles!

Men's 2x: 4th in Semi 2

Women's 4+: 2nd in Semi 2

Men's Youth 4+: 5th in Semi 1


   Sunday morning saw lots of hard fought racing, with both the Women's 2- and Women's 8+ qualifying for Youth Nationals in Sarasota Florida in June. Below are the results of Sunday morning's racing, with some very exciting and hard fought battles through the finish line!

Women's 2-: 3rd

Women's Youth 4+: 4th

Women's Youth Lightweight 4+: 7th

Women's Youth 8+: 1st

Women's U17 8+: 3rd

Women's Youth 2nd 4+: 1st

Men's U17 4+: 5th

Full Results from the weekend HERE

2017: Music City Youth Sprints

Music City Youth Sprints: Nashville, TN

    Saturday April 22nd was the second annual Music City Youth Sprints right here at our own Percy Priest Lake. This year's regatta grew by one program to include St. Louis, who joined Atlanta Juniors Rowing, and Chicago Rowing Foundation to compete in some heated (and rainy) competition here in Nashville. With several of the fastest teams in the country on one course together, there was some very exciting racing to be had! Unfortunately the weather was only marginally cooperative, and high winds along with lightning and rain shortened the original schedule to include the following races.

Women's Varsity 8+

Men's Varsity 8+

Women's 2nd Varsity 8+

Men's 2nd Varsity 8+

Women's Youth Novice 8+

Men's Youth Novice 8+

Men's Youth Novice 4+

     Our Nashville athletes were able to compete and place in the following events before the schedule had to be condensed due to weather:

Women's Varsity 8+: 2nd

Men's Varsity 8+: 4th

Women's 2nd Varsity 8+: 3rd

Women's Youth Novice 8+: 2nd

Men's Youth Novice 8+: 2nd

Men's Varsity 2x: 1st

  We look forward to next year's Music City Youth Sprints, and the continued lively competition between these teams. We are looking forward to testing ourselves again in two weeks in Oak Ridge, TN for the Dogwood Juniors Regatta before we move on to Southeast Regionals!

Photo Link #1

Photo Link #2

Full Results on the day HERE

2017: Cincinnati Youth Invite

Cincinnati Youth Invite: Bethel, OH

   Saturday April 8th was Nashville Rowing's first venture up to Bethel, OH to compete in the Cincinnati Youth Invite with teams from across the Midwest. This was a great opportunity to not only get in a number of races for all of our athletes, but also to see some fast competition that we don't normally see until much later in the season! With warm and windy conditions, our athletes felt right at home as we had the following entries in events for the day. Almost every athlete raced in 2 events, giving them ample meters to test their speed against the competition, and 

Women's Varsity 8+

Women's 2nd Varsity 8+

Women's Varsity 4+ (2 entries!)

Men's Varsity 4+

Women's 2nd Varsity 4+ (2 entries!)

Women's Novice 8+

Men's Novice 4+

Women's Novice 4+ (2 entries!)

  For the morning time trials and heats our boats had strong showings across the board, with the WV8+, W2V4+, WN8+, W4+s, and MN4+ all advancing to Grand Finals. The MN8+, WN4+s,  and W2V8+ all advancing the Petite Finals! The results for the afternoon finals were as follows:

WV8+: 2nd

W2V4+: 4th

MN8+: 2nd in Petite Final

WN8+: 4th

WV4+: 1st (A.Tarquinio) & 6th (G. Denunzio)

MN4+: 5th

WN4+ 1st (J. Marger) & 2nd (B.Glenn) in Petite Final

W2V8+: 1st in Petite Final

   We were proud of the athletes handling a new regatta with strong competition well, and we look forward to using this regatta as a building block to improve on for the rest of the season!

Photos from the day HERE

Full Results on the day HERE

2017: Atomic Turn and Burn

Atomic Turn and Burn: Oak Ridge, TN.

The Spring racing season kicked off on Saturday March 25th on Melton Lake, with a new format for the start of our spring season. All boats would arrive Saturday AM to race a 5000 meter head race style piece against the other boats in their field. These 5ks would set up the lane assignments for the afternoon's 2000 meter pieces. This was a great early season race, allowing all the athletes to get good meters in on the day. Despite some heavy headwinds, the crews held their own. 

  During the gap between 5k and 2k for the Juniors athletes, we were also able to race a number of Masters boats as well! This was a great tune up for the Adult athletes looking forward to later races, and to the Women's 8+ getting ready to travel to San Diego Crew Classic! We were excited to get both our Juniors and Masters athletes back on a race course and gearing up for a Spring and Summer full of training and racing. Thanks to Oak Ridge for putting on this race. We are looking forward to next year's already.

Full Race Results can be found HERE!

2017: Indoor Erg Races Show Growth and Strength

   Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

   While the winter months have not yielded much water time, the the hard work and improvement undertaken by the juniors and masters in winter training has been on display at regional and national erg competitions.

   At the Tennessee Indoor Championships, hosted by the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, both the Juniors and Masters programs collected their respective team points trophies. Gracie Larkin kicked off the day with a silver medal in the Women’s collegiate novice race, and was followed by masters rowing in the “Never Ever” categories, which are geared towards rowers who have never raced on the water before. Lori Kauppi and Laura Miller lead the way placing 6th and 7th, while NRC also took 11th, 12th, and 13th in the event. On the men’s side of the “Never Ever” category Steve Grant was just off the podium in 4th place, and Michael Cashin placed 9th in the 15-man event. Both gentlemen pulled personal best times!

   Next up came the Masters and Veterans categories, where raw times were age adjusted for the final results.  Emy Noel led the way for the Masters women, in 4th place and Nashville Rowing showcased great depth by taking 5th, 6th, and 7th place, while Sean Wlodarczyk won the men’s event, followed by his teammates in 4th, 5th, and 6th place. In the Veteran events, Jenn Cheij and Jan Duckworth landed on the podium with a silver and gold medal, respectively. Tina Hartert was just out of the medals in 4th place, and NRC also placed 6th, 11th, and 16th in the 20-woman field.  The Veteran Men’s race proved just as exciting, as Nashville’s Dietmar Kuttelwascher took the top step of the podium, followed by teammates in the 4th, 8th, 11th, 12th, and 14th positions.

   The juniors mirrored the successes of the masters throughout the afternoon. In the Youth Women 17-19 category, Isabel Grant took 5th place, Virginia Cheij (T-6th) and Anna Grace Cole (8th) both placed in the top-10, and Nashville was also represented in places 11, 15, and 23. The next race featured Youth Men 15-16, and Lucas Quinby earned a medal by taking third place, followed closely by Grant Miller in 4th. The boys also placed 6th, 15th, 21st, 24th, and 32nd in the event. On the women’s side of the 15-16 age group, Jessie Wills also earned a bronze medal, and the girls took spots 10 and 23 in the 36-participant field.

   The Lightweight events followed, with the women showcasing some of their speed: Grace DeNunzio, Ella Varney, and Cary Corcoran took places 2nd, 3rd, and 4th out of 31. Alex Park just missed the podium with a well fought 4th place, and Fernando Arguello also finished inside of the top-10, and Nashville also took 25th place. Nashville Juniors in the 12-14 year old age category also represented the club well, with Abraham Cheij earning a silver medal, followed by his teammates in 10th and 11th place, while the women placed three women in the top ten, lead by Sofia Sperduto’s 4th place finish, and also took places 12, 13, 23, and 29.

   Not to be outdone by their rowing counterparts, the coxswains competed in a 500m sprint. Jerod Fetters earned a bronze medal, while Ellie Loving won the women’s event, and female Nashville coxswains took places 4 and 8.

C.R.A.S.H Bs World Indoor Rowing Championships

  The weekend of February 10th-12th saw six juniors athletes and two adult athletes brave the snow storms in Boston to attend the World Indoor Rowing Championships. Aside from this being the most athletes from Nashville Rowing that have attended CRASH Bs to date, it was also the best overall finishes taking home one gold and two silver medals!

   Dietmar Kuttelwascher started off the day for Nashville seated on erg #1 for the Veteran Men's 50-54 year old age category. The live stream showed a smooth and collected Dietmar push himself into an early lead, and hold an exciting pace all the way through the finish in 6:11.1, never giving up the first place position! 

   Next up was the Junior Lightweight Women with Marguerite Trost and Grace Laster erg #9 and #25 respectively. Marguerite jumped out to an aggressive and early lead on the field right from the start showing strength and courage that did not go unnoticed by spectators and announcers alike! With only a few hundred meters to go, Marguerite was overtaken by another rower, putting herself in a strong silver medal position. Grace Laster also found herself in a tight pack, finishing 21st out of 106 athletes. The ten athletes surrounding 21st place all finished within 2 seconds of each other, showing just how close and competitive the racing could be.

   In the Junior Women we had Abby Tarquinio on erg # 7, Shelby Larkin on erg #34, Jess Mixon on erg #43 and Grace Lebo on erg #66. The live feed again found itself centered on one of our Nashville Rowing ladies with Abby pushing out of the gate at an aggressive pace, stroke for stroke with another member of the US Women's Junior National Team, and future Stanford rowing class mate.  In a barn burner of a race, Abby earned a silver medal position with a time of 6:55.3!  Shelby Larkin, who was attending CRASH Bs for the first time, put on a very strong race. Pushing herself into the top 20, Shelby ultimately finishing 13th out of 191 entries. Jess Mixon was our next Nashville athlete to cross the finish line, taking 30th, with Grace Lebo rounding out our entries for the event at 109th place. All around an outstanding individual and group effort by the junior women! It certainly garnered some attention for our blue and yellow family!

   Coach Anne took on the task of both coaching and racing this weekend taking her race position on erg #64 in a very competitive Open Women's field. Coach Anne finished the day for Nashville coming in 58th out of 144 entries. Maybe next year she can convince Coach Eric to join her in racing!

Congratulations to all our Nashville athletes that travelled and raced up in Boston, you certainly had a loud cheering section back home! Official Results can be found HERE  as well as the Row2k Photo Gallery from the day.


2016: Class of 2017 Signs for College!

The Class of 2017 has shown that hard work pays off as 5 current seniors sign to row at the Division 1 level! All of these athletes have seen tremendous growth since joining the program, and there is no doubt that they will be great additions to all of their future programs.

Isabel Grant, Ensworth class of 2017 committed to row for University of Massachusetts where she will learn, grow and race under a well established program. We look forward to seeing Isabel grow at the next level.

Abigail Tarquinio, Saint Cecilia class of 2017 has committed to row for Stanford University in California. Abby is part of a very strong recruiting class entering Stanford's incoming freshmen class, and we know that she is excited to jump in and make an impact from day 1!

Anna Grace Cole, Harpeth Hall class of 2017 has committed to row for Fordham University in New York. We have been proud of Anna Grace's growth through the process, and know that she will continue to bring that with her to the North East!

Ellie Loving, Harpeth Hall class of 2017 has committed to cox at University of Tennessee Knoxville. Ellie won't be far away, and she will be joining some Nashville Rowing alums in Knoxville to continue building a strong program under Coach Lisa Glenn!

Maddy Quinby, Saint Cecilia class of 2017 and this years Women's Team captain has committed to row at Clemson University in South Carolina. Maddy will be a great addition to the Tiger's program, and we look forward to seeing her at regattas around the Southeast too!

Be sure to stay tuned for updates as more athletes make their college decisions. The coaches, and all of Nashville Rowing is proud of the class of 2017, and know that their legacy will stand as an example for future generations of Nashville Rowers.

2016: Annual Marina Cleanup Day

Marina Cleanup Day 2016

Saturday November 12th 2016 marked our Marina Clean up Day and the wrap up of the Fall Season. We had a great group this year with Masters, Juniors, parents and family all turning out the make sure that we stay good stewards of our surroundings at the lake. The usual trash pickup around the Marina parking lot, woods, shoreline, and up the road to the public boat ramp brought in 66 bags of trash and recyclables! The group was also able to help in moving the dock out in anticipation of lower water temperatures through the winter. Last, but certainly not least we were able to clean and winterize a lot of our equipment as we get ready for the indoor training season!

Thank you again to all who turned out and made the our Clean up Day a continued positive end to our to our Fall Season. A big thanks to everyone that brought food out for the end of the work as well, as everyone had worked up a big appetite by the end of the morning!



Marina Cleanup Day 2015

Saturday November 14th, The Juniors and many parent helpers put down the oars for a day to take care of Hamilton Marina and the space that we call home for many days of the year. Some athletes donned gloves and with bags in hand, set out along the shorelines, roads, and across parking lots to scour the area for trash. Another group loaded up in launches to set out for further shores in search of trash that we pass on daily practices. Several other athletes picked up the weed whackers and hedge clippers to trim down the grass and some of the growth that was starting to creep up on towards the dock. It was great to see high schoolers, middle schoolers, parents, coaches and even some younger siblings join in together to leave the marina better than when we found it.

When all was said and done, we totaled 54 bags of trash and recycling. There were also a few other choice finds like an old waterlogged recliner chair, and a car tire with the rim and all. Thanks to everyone that made it out to the lake to lend a helping hand, and to a continued effort to keep out lake clean and beautiful!

2016: Head of the Hooch 2016

Chattanooga welcomed Nashville crews of all ages and boatings with good weather and fair water for the 34th annual Head of the ‘Hooch regatta. The weekend saw many great results, and the racing proved an exciting culmination of the fall season.


Racing kicked off Saturday morning with two men’s masters boats coming down the course. The 4x finished 14th out of 15 entries, and the 4+ placed 11th out of 22, good enough to qualify the boat for entry into next year’s regatta. The two men’s youth 4+s were the next crew to toe the line, with the A and B entries finishing 8th and 51st, respectively, in a deep field of 75 boats. For the A boat, it was a great show of improvement coming off of tight and inspiring racing in Boston.

The women’s masters 8+ was next, with a strong showing in the middle of the pack, placing 17th out of 32. Following them down the course was the women’s youth 8, where the A entry brought home the first gold medal of the weekend, and the B entry also secured themselves a place in next year’s race with a 23rd place finish out of a big field of 73.

Next up, the masters produced strong results in the mixed double, with Lizabeth Theiss leading a composite entry with Rocket City to 6th place, and Kren Teren and Don Sullivan racing to 7th place out of 39 crews. The men’s masters 8+ followed and placed 12th out of 14, and the women’s youth novice 8 rowed down the course behind them for a top-10 finish, placing 8 out of 33. Taran Savoie placed 3rd in the College & Club lightweight single event.

Nashville saw several strong crews down the river to close out the day. The masters women produced solid results in the 4+ event, finishing 20th (A) and 27th (B) out of 39, and the juniors, with four entries in a 78 boat field, proved their depth to place 1st, 14th, 18th, and 57th. Lucas Quinby and Grant Miller finished the day by jumping into the men’s youth double, where they took 69th out of 84.


Sunday saw fewer events for Nashville Rowers but the races were no less exciting, Coach Anne Campbell started the day by rowing to a strong 7th place finish in the women’s championship single. Dietmar Kuttelwascher rowed to a podium finish in the master’s single, finishing 2nd out of 15 racers, and Kren Teren followed suit, claiming the gold medal in the women’s lightweight master’s single. Next up were the pairs, where Kuttelwascher and Will Weaver combined for a 7th place finish in the men’s master pairs, and the Junior men’s combinations of Jack Brimm and Quinn Cunneely, and Chase Yarbrough and Garrett Ufnar finished 21st and 35th, out of 39, respectively. The Junior women’s pair of Abby Tarquinio and Jess Mixon finished in the silver medal position, followed closely by their teammates, Marguerite Trost and Isabel Grant, who took bronze.

The women’s quad completed the weekend’s racing for the masters, where the Nashville Rowing/Oak Ridge/All-American composite entry finished 7th, followed by the Nashville Rowing entry in 16th place out of 25. The final race of the weekend featured the mixed youth eights, and the juniors showcased their depth and versatility to take gold (A) and 9th place (B) out of 25 boats.


This years edition of the ‘Hooch provided great racing opportunities, and we are proud of all of the performances that club members contributed to. We now move inside for some training on the ergs and with the weights, and are looking forward to Saturday sessions of Percy Priest Lake. Sprint racing is just around the corner and will be here before we know it!

Official Results can be found HERE as well as more pictures HERE

2016: Music City Head Race Starts Off the Fall On a High Note


The Music City Head Race, hosted by Nashville Rowing and Vanderbilt University on Saturday October 1st, 2016, garnered over 185 entries across 20 different teams in it's first year of existence while also creating quite a buzz in downtown Nashville as the race finished in front of Broadway and the Titans Stadium. Outside of hosting the race, Nashville Rowing's 34 boats entered also had successful weekends - earning 28 medals across races for Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and Masters athletes.

"We are very excited about how all our athletes, families, and community approached this race," Nashville Rowing Executive Director Eric Gehrke was quoted as saying, "Everyone in our family came out, put time in as racers, volunteers, or food coordinators, and that allowed every facet of our organization flourish. There are many races where the results are the shining star of how your program is doing, but the Music City Head Race was a holistic example of our young organizations progress over the last three and half years - in that we can host a large regatta, put successful boats down the course, and make sure everyone from every visiting team goes home with a positive impression of our city and community."

For lots more images, hit the link to our Flickr page in the top right corner of the Navigation bar and enjoy!

Here is the final tally of results for all boats that are under Nashville Rowing's umbrella:


  • Men's Masters 4x: 1st Place
  • Men's Masters 4+: 1st Place
  • Men's Masters 1x: D. Kuttelwascher 1st Place, T. Savoie 3rd Place
  • Men's Masters 8+: 1st Place
  • Mixed Masters 2x: 1st Place
  • Women's Masters 4x: 1st Place
  • Women's Masters 4+: B 2nd Place, A 3rd Place
  • Women's Masters 8+: 1st Place


  • Men's Youth Ltwt 4+: 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth 8+: 4th Place
  • Men's Youth 4x: 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth 4+: 2nd Place
  • Men's Youth 2-: B 1st Place, A 2nd Place
  • Women's Youth 8+: Nashville 1st Place, Harpeth Hall 3rd Place
  • Women's Youth 4+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, St. Cecilia 2nd Place, Nashville 4th Place
  • Women's Youth Ltwt 4+: 1st Place
  • Women's Youth 2-: B 1st Place; St. Cecilia 2nd Place, A 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth Novice 4+: 1st Place
  • Men's Youth Novice 8+: 1st Place
  • Women's Youth Novice 8+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, Nashville 4th Place
  • Women's Youth 4x: Harpeth Hall 3rd Place
  • Women's Youth Novice 4+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, Nashville 5th Place
  • Middle School Mixed 8+: Great Effort!


Full Results can be found HERE on Row2k   

2016: Abigail Tarquinio Earns Medal at World Championships in USA 4-

If you have been following along with some articles from earlier in the summer you know that Abby was invited to the USRowing Women's Junior National Team for her 3rd year with hope of competing at Junior Worlds in Rotterdam.  Below updates on Abby's Selection and Racing for Team USA:

June 2016 Update: Abigail Tarquinio (St. Cecilia Academy '17) was invited to attend the 2016 USRowing Junior Women's National Team Selection Camp and compete for boats that will race in August at Junior World Championships. Abby's previous international experience includes earning Bronze at the 2015 Junior World Championships as 3-seat in the USA Women's 8+, and earning multiple Golds for the USA Junior Women's CanAmMex team in the 8+ and 4+ in 2014. For Nashville in 2016, Abby sits stroke seat of the Varsity 8+ (14th @ Youth Nats) and Varsity 2- (5th @ Youth Nats), having followed our process well and along the way earned many first place finishes throughout 2015-16. Congratulations Abby on your invite and we are very excited for what you can do this summer!

July 2016 Update: Now that selection has been made, Abby was chosen to represent the United States in the 4-, one of the most competitive boats at the international level. The women have been training for weeks and depart for Rotterdam on Monday August 15th. Though we will miss her at the start of the Fall season here, we will all be watching and cheering her on as she races for a possible world championship! The official announcement from USRowing can be seen below. Look for Abby, and be check back for updates as racing begins! 

FINALS UPDATE: The USA women's 4- finished off their week of racing with a barn burner of an final race - earning a spot on the podium with a bronze medal!

Abby was exhausted from the race, but had to say: "At the 750, I called the lift and said, 'We have to go right now!' " Abby continued, "We just kept moving and then it was literally every ten strokes it was another lift, and that's all I remember, just lifting."

"We are exceptionally proud of Abby's efforts at home for Nashville and over the summer for the USA," exclaimed Coach Eric Gehrke, "She is a great representation of what we stand for here in Nashville: hard-work, self-starting, and reaching for goals larger than yourself. We are glad that her efforts have propelled her to success beyond our own boats."

We are proud of Abigail and the rest of the team for their hard work leading up to World Championships, and for their performance on the international stage! We will look forward to having her back here in Nashville in the blue and yellow!