2014: Masters Medal and Masters Nationals

Grand Rapids, MI - Nashville Rowing brought their largest contingent to Masters Nationals yet, and in doing so found success across multiple races. Although, still smaller than what the Organization hopes to bring in future years, the seven Nashville athletes that attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience, pushed hard to compete, and came back with more knowledge about how to prepare in the future.

  • The Mixed 2x (F) of Don Sullivan and Kren Teren earned 2nd in their heat to progress to the final, where they found themselves in a strong race and placed 4th overall.
  • The Women’s Club 4x (E-J) of Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick, Kren Teren, Maggie Davidson, and Lisa Delaney earned 3rd in their heat to progress to the final, where, in a tight race they earned 5th overall.
  • The Men’s Heavyweight 2x (E) of Don Sullivan and Tom Nagle earned 5th in their heat.
  • The Women’s Club 4+ (E) of Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick, Kren Teren, Maggie Davidson, and Lisa Delaney earned 3rd in their heat, missing the final by a close margin of less than 3 seconds.
  • The Mixed 2x (D) of Lizabeth Theiss, from Nashville Rowing, and James Robinson, from Rocket City Rowing, earned 1st in their heat to set up for a good position in the final. For the peak race, it was close all the way down the 1000 meter course with Lizabeth’s 2x earning 3rd (Bronze!) only 2.9 seconds off of 2nd and 3 seconds off first place.

When asked about her racing, Lizabeth said: “James and I had been in a double a total of 5 times prior to National’s so we were not sure what to expect.  Although we both train to win, it’s unknown when you don’t get to row together very often.  It was fun to put together a race strategy and execute with a common goal.  Both James and I train hard in our singles so the ease of rowing together was fluid in both stroke rating and length.  After completing the heat to the finals, we both expressed that the heat almost felt too easy.  However, when the finals came, that had to be one of the toughest races I have ever rowed.  I mean gut wrenching tough.  We were ecstatic about how our final race felt. We took Bronze and I will cherish that medal for years to come.”

Nashville Rowing could not be more proud of how each of our boats and athletes performed at Masters Nationals!