2013 Nashville Juniors Chattanooga Head Race

Chattanooga, Tennessee- Nashville Juniors travelled to Chattanooga on Saturday, Oct. 12, to compete in the Chattanooga Head Race. The events entered by Nashville Juniors were the Men’s Youth 1x, Women’s Youth Novice 4+, and Men’s Youth 4+.

"This was a great start for our new club,” said head coach Eric Gehrke, "we have very high expectations for our rowers, and are excited to see what they’ll be able to accomplish this year.”

The highlight of the weekend was the Women’s Youth Novice 4+ taking first place with a time of 21:54:11. The boat was rowed by Michele Holtkamp (Brentwood HS, bow), Rosemary Kyne (Hume-Fogg, 2 seat), Kaylie Jaeb (3 seat), Abigail Tarquinio (Saint Cecilia, stroke), and Ally Anderson (coxswain).

“The Nashville community has been better than we could have ever imagined.,” added Coach Gehrke, “We believe we’ve found the perfect place for youth rowing to be successful."

The Nashville Juniors Rowing Association will travel back to Chattanooga on November 2nd for the Head of the Hooch regatta.