2016: Music City Head Race Starts Off the Fall On a High Note


The Music City Head Race, hosted by Nashville Rowing and Vanderbilt University on Saturday October 1st, 2016, garnered over 185 entries across 20 different teams in it's first year of existence while also creating quite a buzz in downtown Nashville as the race finished in front of Broadway and the Titans Stadium. Outside of hosting the race, Nashville Rowing's 34 boats entered also had successful weekends - earning 28 medals across races for Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and Masters athletes.

"We are very excited about how all our athletes, families, and community approached this race," Nashville Rowing Executive Director Eric Gehrke was quoted as saying, "Everyone in our family came out, put time in as racers, volunteers, or food coordinators, and that allowed every facet of our organization flourish. There are many races where the results are the shining star of how your program is doing, but the Music City Head Race was a holistic example of our young organizations progress over the last three and half years - in that we can host a large regatta, put successful boats down the course, and make sure everyone from every visiting team goes home with a positive impression of our city and community."

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Here is the final tally of results for all boats that are under Nashville Rowing's umbrella:


  • Men's Masters 4x: 1st Place
  • Men's Masters 4+: 1st Place
  • Men's Masters 1x: D. Kuttelwascher 1st Place, T. Savoie 3rd Place
  • Men's Masters 8+: 1st Place
  • Mixed Masters 2x: 1st Place
  • Women's Masters 4x: 1st Place
  • Women's Masters 4+: B 2nd Place, A 3rd Place
  • Women's Masters 8+: 1st Place


  • Men's Youth Ltwt 4+: 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth 8+: 4th Place
  • Men's Youth 4x: 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth 4+: 2nd Place
  • Men's Youth 2-: B 1st Place, A 2nd Place
  • Women's Youth 8+: Nashville 1st Place, Harpeth Hall 3rd Place
  • Women's Youth 4+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, St. Cecilia 2nd Place, Nashville 4th Place
  • Women's Youth Ltwt 4+: 1st Place
  • Women's Youth 2-: B 1st Place; St. Cecilia 2nd Place, A 3rd Place
  • Men's Youth Novice 4+: 1st Place
  • Men's Youth Novice 8+: 1st Place
  • Women's Youth Novice 8+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, Nashville 4th Place
  • Women's Youth 4x: Harpeth Hall 3rd Place
  • Women's Youth Novice 4+: Harpeth Hall 1st Place, Nashville 5th Place
  • Middle School Mixed 8+: Great Effort!


Full Results can be found HERE on Row2k