2017: Chattanooga Head Race

Chattanooga Head Race

On the second weekend of racing, Nashville Rowing trailered to Chattanooga, TN for the next race of our Scholastic and Fall racing season. Chattanooga will host the Head of the Hooch in just a few weeks and this race was good practice for all of the athletes to race down the same course while building on the success from Music City Head Race.

Nashville Juniors and Masters teams took to the Chattanooga River where all of our athletes handled quick turnover on short rest between races and hot seating very well while continuing our consistent improvement across the board for all of our teams.

Next week, we send 3 boats to the Head of the Charles in Boston for the largest 2-day regatta in the world.


Women’s Youth 8+
Harpeth Hall – 3rd
Nashville – 5th

Men’s Youth 4+
Nashville A – 4th
Nashville B – 14th

Women’s Youth Novice 4+
Nashville – 2nd
Harpeth Hall - 8th

Men’s Youth 8+
Nashville - 13th

Men’s Youth 2x
Nashville A – 1st
Nashville B – 6th

Women’s Youth 4+
Harpeth Hall – 2nd
Nashville A – 3rd
Nashville B- 15th

Women’s Youth Novice 8+
Nashville – 1st

Men’s Youth 4x
Nashville – 7th

Women’s Youth 2-
Harpeth Hall A - 3rd
Harpeth Hall B – 6th

Women’s Youth 4x
Harpeth Hall - 8th

Women’s Champ 1x
Nashville – 1st


Women’s Masters 8+

Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 4th

Men’s Masters 4+
Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 3rd

Men’s Masters 4x
Nashville - 1st

Women’s Masters 4x
Nashville - 3rd

Women’s Masters 4+
Nashville A - 2nd

Nashville B - 3rd

Results for our teams are below. Full Results can be found HERE on Row2k. For additional photos, visit Row2k Photo Gallery (1), Row2k Photo Gallery (2), Row2k Photo Gallery (3) and Row2k Photo Gallery (4)