2017: Head of the Hooch Caps Off Fall Season

November 4th + 5th: The last race of the Fall pitted Nashville Rowing against even more stiff competition from in and around our region. Held in our backyard of Chattanooga, TN, we had a full trailer of boats and sought to close out the Fall season on a high note.

    Nashville Rowing came prepared on Saturday but were put under an hour and a half fog delay which threw off racing the remainder of the day. We held strong and persevered despite the difficult racing conditions brought forth by the delay and still had a successful day of racing. Some notable results from Saturday’s racing were the Women’s Youth 4+ winning gold, the Women’s Youth 8+ finishing 7th, the Men’s Youth 2x finishing 7th and the Women’s Masters 8+ placing 6th.

   Sunday featured more quality racing which started on time without a hitch. Most of the Juniors broke down into smaller boats and capped off the day and weekend with a race down the course in Mixed Boys and Girls 8+’s. Notable results from Sunday racing are the Women’s Youth 2- finishing with a gold medal, the Men’s Masters 1x winning silver, and our College/Club Novice 1x finishing 3rd.


Men’s Youth 4+

Nashville A - 10th

Nashville B - 56th


Women’s Youth 8+

Nashville A - 7th

Nashville B - 26th


Men’s Youth 8+

Nashville A - 54th


Women’s Youth Novice 8+

Nashville A - 14th


Women’s Youth 4+

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville C - 19th

Nashville B - 21st

Nashville D - 43rd

Nashville E - 71st


Men’s Youth 2x

Nashville A - 7th


Men’s Youth 4x

Nashville A - 36th


Men’s Youth 2-

Nashville - 16th


Women’s Youth 2-

Nashville A - 1st

Nashville B - 9th


Women’s College & Club Novice 1x

Nashville - 3rd


Mixed Youth 8+

Nashville A - 6th

Nashville B - 8th


Women’s Championship 1x

Nashville - 9th



Men’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 12th

Nashville B - 13th


Women’s Masters 8+

Nashville A - 6th

Nashville B - 19th


Mixed Masters 2x

Rocket City/Nashville Composite - 5th

Nashville - 18th


Women’s Masters 4+

Nashville A - 10th

Nashville B - 21st


Mixed Masters 4x

Nashville A - 10th


Women’s Masters 4x

Nashville - 22nd


Men’s Masters 1x

Nashville - 2nd


Results for our teams are below. Full Results can be found HERE on HereNow. For additional photos, visit Row2k's Photo Gallery under the Head of the Hooch.