2017: Atomic Turn and Burn

Atomic Turn and Burn: Oak Ridge, TN.

The Spring racing season kicked off on Saturday March 25th on Melton Lake, with a new format for the start of our spring season. All boats would arrive Saturday AM to race a 5000 meter head race style piece against the other boats in their field. These 5ks would set up the lane assignments for the afternoon's 2000 meter pieces. This was a great early season race, allowing all the athletes to get good meters in on the day. Despite some heavy headwinds, the crews held their own. 

  During the gap between 5k and 2k for the Juniors athletes, we were also able to race a number of Masters boats as well! This was a great tune up for the Adult athletes looking forward to later races, and to the Women's 8+ getting ready to travel to San Diego Crew Classic! We were excited to get both our Juniors and Masters athletes back on a race course and gearing up for a Spring and Summer full of training and racing. Thanks to Oak Ridge for putting on this race. We are looking forward to next year's already.

Full Race Results can be found HERE!