2017: Music City Youth Sprints

Music City Youth Sprints: Nashville, TN

    Saturday April 22nd was the second annual Music City Youth Sprints right here at our own Percy Priest Lake. This year's regatta grew by one program to include St. Louis, who joined Atlanta Juniors Rowing, and Chicago Rowing Foundation to compete in some heated (and rainy) competition here in Nashville. With several of the fastest teams in the country on one course together, there was some very exciting racing to be had! Unfortunately the weather was only marginally cooperative, and high winds along with lightning and rain shortened the original schedule to include the following races.

Women's Varsity 8+

Men's Varsity 8+

Women's 2nd Varsity 8+

Men's 2nd Varsity 8+

Women's Youth Novice 8+

Men's Youth Novice 8+

Men's Youth Novice 4+

     Our Nashville athletes were able to compete and place in the following events before the schedule had to be condensed due to weather:

Women's Varsity 8+: 2nd

Men's Varsity 8+: 4th

Women's 2nd Varsity 8+: 3rd

Women's Youth Novice 8+: 2nd

Men's Youth Novice 8+: 2nd

Men's Varsity 2x: 1st

  We look forward to next year's Music City Youth Sprints, and the continued lively competition between these teams. We are looking forward to testing ourselves again in two weeks in Oak Ridge, TN for the Dogwood Juniors Regatta before we move on to Southeast Regionals!

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Full Results on the day HERE