February 2018: Hard Training and Erg Racing Part 1

Winter Season can seem like a long season with the sun setting at 4:30 and the prospect of thousands of erg meters ahead. For the athletes at Nashville Rowing, this winter season has seen growth in numbers, strength and mental toughness on many fronts! Masters Winter Training League had it's largest enrollment to date, and found more speed across the board with lots of PRs!

On the Juniors side, it is always exciting to pick up a few new faces through the winter, and especially to see the light bulb moment when things start to click on the erg and in the boat for the first time. Aside from training, there is always the fun piece of heading to our yearly indoor erg races, and lining up next to people besides our teammates for some hard work.

Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

Saturday, February 3rd. Our largest contingent yet traveled down to UTC in Chattanooga for our first erg race of 2018. The morning started off with our Open and Masters events, with athletes ranging from the Never-Evers up to our more seasoned veterans. 

Women's Open

Gracie Larkin: 2nd Place
Neva Duckworth: 3rd Place

Never Ever Women

Jenny Elrod: 1st Place
Anna West-Hammer: 2nd Place
Amanda Venable: 3rd Place
LaVon Orput: 5th Place
Bet Wise: 6th Place

Womens Masters 23+

Emy Noel: 3rd Place
Laura Miller: 5th Place
Eco Bolds: 6th Place

Mens Masters 23+

Sean Wlodarczyk: 3rd Place
Josh Herring: 7th Place
Case White: 8th Place

Women's Veteran 40+

Jenn Cheij: 2nd Place
Jan Duckworth: 3rd Place
Meg Mazzone: 8th Place
Susie Ryan: 10th Place

Mens Veteran 40+

Steve Grant: 4th Place
Henry Trost: 7th Place

Masters Team Relay

Nashville Rowing: 1st

  Following the strong performances by the Masters, our Juniors athletes were out in force for the afternoon racing. For some this was their first 2k ever, and for others this was 4 years or more of racing at this event as a Junior coming to a close. This is also a first chance for many of the parents to get up close and see the work that their athletes have put in, and the limits they are willing to push themselves too in pursuit of their goals!

Women's U19

Shelby Larkin: 2nd Place
Mille Oldham: 5th Place
Ella Varney: 16th Place
Emily Hollins: 17th Place
Lena McCaslin: 18th Place

Men's U19

Lucas Quinby: 2nd Place
Grant Miller: 3rd Place
Max Greer: 5th Place
Chase Yarbrough: 15th Place
Noah Croy: 17th Place

Womens U17

Grace Lebo: 1st Place
Sofia Sperduto: 5th Place
Riley Yarbrough: 7th Place
Jessie Wills: 12th Place
Braden Glenn: 20th Place
Brooke McCarty: 24th Place
Andrea Arguello: 28th Place
Lucy Beard: 29th Place
Anna Quinby: 34th Place

Mens U17

Clint Regen: 1st Place
David Brantley: 3rd Place
Abraham Cheij: 6th Place
Connor Mackey: 13th Place
Ethan Herrell: 14th Place
Sidney Miller: 17th Place
Jonathan Lippolis: 19th Place

Women's Youth Lightweight

Marguerite Trost: 1st Place
Grace DeNunzio: 2nd Place
Emma Rudy Srebnik: 6th Place
Claire Sotak: 12th Place
Brooke Bercik: 21st Place

Mens Youth Lightweight

Fernando Arguello: 8th Place

Womens U15

Maia Roark: 7th Place

Women's Youth Coxswain

Halle Collins: 1st Place
AnnaRuth Neville: 2nd Place
Emily Wood: 7th Place

Mens Youth Coxswain

Jerod Fetters: 1st Place

Middle School Women

Mary Virginia: 2nd Place
Riley McDaniel: 5th Place
Augusta Miller: 7th Place
Ella Hill Crouch: 8th Place
Laura Zimmerman: 9th Place
Conway Bettis: 11th Place
Anna Huber: 12th Place
Rowan Walker: 13th Place

Middle School Men

Ben Regen: 1st Place
Larson Seem: 3rd Place
Louis Chader: 4th Place
Spencer Klassen: 5th Place
Jonathan Quinby 7th Place
Neel Davis: 8th Place
William Wicks: 9th Place
Cade Owens: 10th Place
Matthew Brantley: 11th Place
Robert Ford: 12th Place

Men's Youth 500m Dash

Abraham Cheij: 4th Place
Chase Yarbrough: 12th Place
Connor Mackey: 16th Place

Youth Team Relay

Nashville Rowing: 3rd Place


Club Team Points Trophy

Nashville Rowing: 1st Place

Youth Team Points Trophy

Nashville Rowing: 1st Place

For Official Results Click HERE