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Thank you for checking out our boats and using your Nashville Rowing membership to it's max! Please understand that with a growing club, more and more equipment is needed within programming (Masters, Juniors) so recognize boat requests that overlap with the time of practices will be denied. We understand this may seem inconvenient but it is part of the necessities of a growing club. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please recognize that this is MERELY A REQUEST until you receive a confirmation email that the shell is yours to use during the requested time. Also, if you are checking out a 2x/- please make sure to rig it BACK to a 2- at the end of your row.
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Nashville Rowing Small Boat Policy

excerpted from Nashville Rowing's Policy Manual

6.1 Compliance. All members of Nashville Rowing Club must comply with the following small boat policies. This includes members using private vessels as well as club equipment. Failure to comply will result in suspension from unaccompanied small boat rowing. Small boats include: Singles, Pairs and Doubles.

6.2 Unsupervised Small Boat Certification Requirements:

6.2.1 All members must have small boat certification prior to using club or private equipment without coach present.

6.2.2 Certifications will be conducted by the NRC Executive Director or a coach designated by the Executive Director.

6.2.3 Members new to small boats must show competency in USRowing safety guidelines.

6.3 Unsupervised Small Boat Rowing. Members certified for basic sculling may take out specific NRC sculling equipment without a coach.

6.3.1 Any member who has passed the small boat certification, who wishes to use an unsupervised small boat with a Youth rower, as defined in 7.2.2, may only do so if they are the legal guardian of that rower. The Youth rower must also be a current participant in the High School Competitive Program and have completed a small boat certification with a coach.

6.4 Coached Small Boat Lessons. Certified members may receive private sculling instruction from the NRC coaching staff. Times of private sessions must be coordinated and use of club equipment must not conflict with coached Nashville Rowing programs. NRC Executive Director and/or designee will provide a list of available NRC coaches and their session fee.

6.5 Member Usage. Club small boats may be used from up to one hour before sun up to one hour after sun down, except on days deemed unsafe to row by the NRC Executive Director.

6.5.1 All coached small boat programs have priority use of club owned boats during their regularly scheduled class times.

6.5.2 Rowers must reserve boats prior to using sculling equipment.

6.5.3 It is the rower’s responsibility to return a boat to its rack 30 minutes prior to a 11 coached sculling class time that the equipment is needed for a class.

6.6 Guest Usage.

6.6.1 A certified­NRC rower must accompany all guests. The club member is responsible for the guest and must ensure that the guest follows all standard procedures for use of club small boat equipment. The guest must be a proficient rower, capable of passing one NRC’s assessment rows for new members. NRC equipment is not to be used to teach guests how to row.

6.6.2, No guest may use a club small boat unaccompanied by an advanced certified NRC small boat member, unless special exception has been granted by the NRC Executive Director and/or designee. The guest rower must sign a USRowing Release from Liability form prior to their first outing at NRC. Each guest is allowed a maximum of five (5) visits per season. After that, the guest should pursue membership at NRC.

6.6.3 The NRC member hosting a guest is liable for any damage and must accompany the guest while using the dock and/or equipment (on land and on water). The member must also ensure that all waivers have been signed and the logbook has been properly filled out. The logbook entry shall contain the guest name and shall be labeled as ‘guest of [member’s name]’ in the comments section.

6.7 Damage and Repairs:

6.7.1 Damage. If damage is deemed to be caused by negligence the rower will be responsible for paying for any needed repairs and/or the insurance deductible. Inflicting excessive or repetitive damage to club-­owned boats may result in suspension from the program

6.7.2 Repairs. Members should not perform repairs to boats without the approval of the NRC Executive Director and/or designee. When damage is caused rowers are required to fill out an incident report.

6.8 Adjustment to Equipment. Members need approval prior to changing rigging on club equipment. Foot stretchers and spacers should be returned to starting location prior to row.

6.9 Safety. The following are mandatory for rowers: Personal Flotation Device (PFD) owned by individual member or club PFD must be utilized when club boats are used and bow/stern lights when launching or returning before dawn or after dusk.

6.9.1 Traffic Pattern. NRC rowers are required to follow the posted traffic patterns set by the club. 12

6.9.2 Sculling Log Book. Unsupervised rowers must sign out before each water outing in the Small Boats Logbook.

6.10 Waivers, Forms and Dues. Prior to any outing in small boats, private or club­-owned, you must be a member in good standing at NRC (i.e. paid an annual membership fee and program dues) and have signed all the appropriate forms, including all Waivers and Application Forms required by NRC.

6.11 Private Small Boat Storage. Members with private boats are responsible for slip rental fees paid to Metro Parks (Hamilton Creek Marina), boat storage and maintaining personal insurance for their shells. Members with private boats and/or registered for NRC sculling programs utilizing club equipment will pay applicable sculling program fees when appropriate.