Why does Nashville Rowing exist?

The purpose of the Nashville Rowing Club, according to our Charter and By-Laws, is to foster, and conduct, national or international amateur sports competition and to support and develop amateur athletes for national and international competition in such sports. The sports supported by us shall include, but not be limited to, rowing and paddling activities.

How did Nashville Rowing come to be?

Nashville Rowing Club was originally founded in 1985 by recent college-graduated rowers that wanted to continue their passion for the sport while they lived in Middle Tennessee. Over time, the original group fell away as they focused on other life responsibilities and the Club was reinstated in 2008 by another small group of passionate adult athletes that wanted to see rowing grow in Nashville again. It continued in this fashion, in a small, intimate way, until 2013 when the current expeditious growth became an immediate goal.

When did Nashville Juniors begin?

Nashville Juniors began in the Fall of 2013 with an original 25 athletes that had never taken rowing strokes before, and has grown precipitously from there. With the passion of the Juniors program to match the enthusiastic Adult side of the Club, Nashville Rowing has exploded in growth, fleet expansion, experience coaching staff, and competitiveness in national and international competition.

A few Fast Facts about Nashville Rowing:

Since Fall 2013, our membership has gone from 58 to almost 150.

Our staff has gone from no paid coaches, to 6 employees
that participate in extensive continued education annually.

We have procured over $350,000 of capital equipment since Winter 2014.

17 of 24 alumni girls (74%) are rowing in college,
above the National average (55% in 2013)

5 of 15 boys alumni (33%) are rowing in college,
above the National average (17% in 2013)

Our Masters have competed in Masters Worlds

Since it's inception, our Middle School program
has grown from 10 to 32+ developing athletes.

With the class of 2017, scholarships earned by our athletes
surpassed our annual operating budget!