Rowing as a unique sport

Rowing stands out among youth sports for a few reasons. First, it is the epitome of cooperation in team work. There are no superstars, no names on jerseys, just a team with a goal. Second, the opportunity coaches have to offer each athlete good competition and growth. No roster limits, no limit of players on the field, and no younger players riding the bench instead of developing through competition. Finally, as you can see in the info graphic, rowing has a ratio of scholarship attainment that is not approached by any other sport.

Success on the water

Nashville Rowing has seen many of our student athletes succeed at the regional, national, and even international level. Their success also goes beyond their time as a part of our junior program to collegiate and masters rowing successes. This isn’t just a select few athletes either, as many years over a third of competing rowers qualify for nationals.

Beyond the water

Rowing is well-known to lead to success in other areas of life, through personal discipline, accountability, and hard work. These are values necessary to succeed on the water and in life.