About Nashville Rowing

Nashville Rowing is a 501c3 Non-Profit serving the Greater Nashville (TN) area. Our organization was started in 1986 by a small group of adult rowers looking to build a rowing community here in Music City. Nashville Rowing began its rebranding in 2013 with the creation of Juniors programming, and greatly expanded Adult programming. In the last 4 years, we have seen tremendous growth in membership, equipment, competitiveness, and coaching. Nashville Rowing currently has members from Davidson, Williamson, and Sumner counties as well as middle and high school athletes from 28 schools and counting in the greater Nashville Area. Our juniors program has become an increasingly competitive force at both regional and national levels with qualifying boats competing at the US Rowing Youth Nationals each year for the last three years. We have established ourselves as a life-cycle program, where programs feed each other from middle school development all the way up to adult competitive programs. Our goal is to facilitate the gaining of skills that not only allow our participants to compete at the highest level, but that can be transferrable to their lives as members of our greater community.

Juniors Women's Head Coach

Outlying Overall Goals

  • Run a seamless organization of the Women’s boats within the greater Nashville Juniors Rowing Programs
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor at all times and maintain compliance with NR Code of Conduct
  • Grow Nashville Juniors Rowing Women’s Team to a nationally competitive level of athletes
  • Maximize the performance of our competing Junior's Women’s boats

Organization & Planning

  • Organize a structured set of Women’s boats for our Juniors participants to move through to best serve their athletic needs and fit within the Nashville Juniors Rowing program
  • Build and supervise, with oversight from the Executive Director and Board of Directors, a competent and cohesive Juniors Women’s coaching staff
  • Direct Women’s coaches to create and foster a fluid program environment for all athletes
  • Start each season with a detailed schedule and review the program with the Juniors Program Director. The schedule should include:
    • Practice dates and times complete through the end of that specific season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
    • Regattas selected to prepare the High School program for championship events
    • Smaller inter-squad competitions created to display the growth of the Middle School and Novice boats
  • Work within the implementation of the Juniors training and organizational plan to the best of the staff’s abilities during each season
    • Be a part of the coordinated staff, equipment and practice times for all Juniors squads
    • Monitor repair needs of the boats and report any damages or needs to the Juniors Program Director
  • Assure that all Juniors Women’s rowers are boated in the correct program and taught in a manner consistent with each rowers commitment, fitness, and level of skill


  • The Juniors Women’s Head Coach is responsible for the safety of all Juniors Women’s program and individual activities
  • Confirm that there are sufficient chaperones for youth regattas
  • Assure compliance with all NR /USRowing safety policy/procedure
  • Notify Executive Director of any concerns or infraction of policy


  • Enforce a uniform rowing technique across all Juniors Women’s boats and within the Juniors Program Structure
  • Facilitate the documentation of attendance within the Juniors boys programs (Varsity, Novice, etc)
  • Monitor the performance of all squads and provide technical advice to Assistants to improve ratio of successful rows to unsuccessful rows
  • Participate in at least two Fall races with the top boats and upwards of four Spring races with all crews
  • Support the Development Program and foster relationships with Middle School athletes that will matriculate up to the Women’s team
  • Develop and institute a coxswain training program
  • Meet with the Juniors Program Director on regular basis to assure consistency throughout the program continuum


  • Coordinate regatta entry forms with the Juniors Program Director and your assistants. Have assistants create race lineups, then he/she should collect all entries, and submit them. Make sure waivers have been collected or submitted electronically
  • Be available for trailer driving to/from all Juniors Regattas/Scrimmages

Additional Responsibilities

  • Present Seasonal Boys Team Reports to the Program Director in November, February, and June of each year
  • Be responsible for the recruitment for the Junior Women’s programs
  • Work closely with the greater Nashville Rowing Community to foster comprehensive team focus and promote strong bonds for a united vision.
  • Support the running of the Learn-to-Row and Novice programs
  • Any and all other duties identified by Executive Director

Annual Review

Base salary review is based on the “responsibilities” used when hiring current coach.  We view these activities as the minimum expectations for our staff.  A good job here is reflected in a salary increase. An annual bonus will be considered with the potential for the staff member to earn an additional 0-10% of his base salary.  The Board of Directors determines bonus point criteria for each year and those criteria for the next year are shown to the head coach during annual review. 

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